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Bin Storage

Bin Storage

Keep your bins tidy with this fully treated bin storage unit.

Made from quality pressure treated wood and will last for years to come.


Free delivery within mainland U.K



The bin store comes flat packed in 4 packages with easy to follow photo instructions and all the screws and nails you will require to fully assemble yourself.




Internal wheelie bin -
Width 67cm
Height 115cm at front
Height 106cm at back
Depth 80cm

Internal recycling box -
Width 49cm
Height 51cm
Depth 80cm

External (Below is for a standard 1 bin and 2 box)
Width 135 cm
Height 123cm at front
Depth 85cm


Other Sizes:-



2 Recycle Boxes - 58cm wide

2 Bins - 135cm wide

2 Bins and 2 boxes - 205cm wide

3 Bins - 205cm wide



Please get in touch if you require any different sizes.  


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